Wavelet based Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Discrete Time Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

S Puntambekar, A Kulkarni, V Gupta


This paper focuses on the development of a wavelet based adaptive sliding mode control strategy for a class
of discrete time uncertain nonlinear systems. An adaptive sliding mode control is utilized to assure the stable
tracking of uncertain nonlinear system under consideration. Wavelet neural network (WNN) is used to mimic
the uncertainties present in the system. Proposed scheme is derived to guaranty the necessary and sufficient
reaching condition for sliding mode control in presence of modeling uncertainties and mathematical
inaccuracies. A numerical example is provided to verify the effectiveness of theoretical development.
Keywords: Adaptive sliding mode control; wavelet networks; discrete time nonlinear systems.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37591/joci.v1i1-2-3.3070


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