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Advanced Manufacturing Systems Using Privacy Preserving Cloud Data Access

Sachin kumar


Every project is feasible if given unlimited resource and infinite time. Unfortunately, the
development of computer based systems is more likely to be plagued by scarcity of resources
and difficult delivery of data it is both necessary and prudent to evaluate the feasibility of a
project at the earliest possible time. Precious time and money can be saved and untold
professional embarrassment can be averted if an ill-conceived system is recognized early in
the definition phase. So a detailed study is carried out to check the workability of the system.
Feasibility study is undertaken to evaluate its workability, impact on the organization, ability
to meet user needs, and effectiveness of resources. The main objective of feasibility study is to
test the technical, operational and economical feasibility of developing the computer system.
Thus, during feasibility analysis for this project the following three primary areas of interest
were considered very carefully. The feasibility of a project can be ascertained in terms of
technical factors, economic factors, or both. A feasibility study is documented with a report
showing all the ramification of the project.

Keywords: DFD, feasibility, hardware, software, networking system machinery system

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