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Continuous-Time Modelling of the Two-Input Fourth Order DC_DC Converter

Vamsi Krishna yadav Pesala, B. Amarendra Reddy


Two-input fourth-order integrated (TIFOI) converter is designed to process the power from two different sources Vg1 and Vg2. This converter facilitates regulation of dc-bus voltage and LVS current. In the power conversion process it performs bucking operation for first dc source Vg1, buck-boost operation for the second source Vg2. Power stage dynamics of the TIFOI converters is modeled using the state-space analysis. The system modelling plays an important role in the design and implementation of the integrated converter control systems. The TFM of an integrated converter can be obtained mainly in two ways as these are widely used and accepted methodologies. These are (i) small signal continuous-time model and (ii) small-signal discrete-time models. These modelling methodologies were reported in literature for single-input dc-dc converters, but their application in the two-input dc-dc converters has not been exhaustively addressed yet. The transfer function matrix (TFM) of the TIFOI converter are obtained using small-signal continuous-time model and the detailed mathematical aspects are presented in this paper. Using this TFM of the TIFOI dc-dc converter is obtained.

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