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PSO-DFFP Technique Used for Optimal Network Reconfiguration with Dispersed Generation

C. Nagarajan, R. Srinivasan, Padmapriya B., Pradeepa A., Swathi M.


Dispersed Generation and Network Reconfiguration have been generally engaged to maintain voltage level with permissible limit and decrease the energy losses in the Distribution Systems. In this article, a Partial Swarm Optimization with Distinctive Feed Forward Propagation (PSO-DFFP) controller is developed to minimize the power losses in Dispersed Generation and network reconfiguration. Different scenarios are used to analyze the performance of developed method. The designed and developed method is effectively experienced in RDS (Radial Distribution System) using IEEE 33 bus with different loads. The voltage summary in IEEE 33-buses is better when compared to other basic voltage profile.

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