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Performance Evaluation of Sliding Mode, Fuzzy Logic and PID Controllers for Twin Rotor MIMO System

Ahmed Rehawi, B. Amarendra Reddy


In twin-rotor MIMO system, two-different rotors need to be controlled by taking the impact of one rotor on the another leading to couplings. Due to the cross-coupling effects between main rotor and tail rotor of twin-rotor MIMO system, its regulation is a challenging task. The state-variable models of the Twin-rotor MIMO system are discussed in detail. The vertical and horizontal equivalent sub-systems are obtained using the above state-variable formulation taking couplings into consideration. Due to the couplings among the sub-systems two different nonlinear control strategies are considered and comparative studies have been performed in regulating this system. Impact of parameter variation studies have been performed by considering four different arbitrary operating points. Studies have also been performed on tracking aspects of main and tail rotors with five different reference signals namely pulse, staircase, step, triangle, sinusoidal. To show the performance of designed controllers on this system, simulations are performed in MATLAB environment.

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