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A Comparative Analysis of the Automotive Parts Using the Electre Method

Vidhya Prasanth, M. Ramachandran, Sathiyaraj Chinnasamy, Chandrasekar Raja


The engine one of the most important components of a vehicle and the performance of the vehicle depends on it. Every It is the heart of the vehicle. It's a complex an engine that converts heat from burning gas into power Designed to change turn road wheels.The automobile gave people more personal freedom and provided access to jobs and services. This is Better roads and transportation led to growth. For automobile parts and fuel Factories and new to supply the demand Jobs were created. Petroleum and Gasoline, These include rubber and plastic. Electric (Elimination et Choice Trudeausant la Relead - Elimination and Choice Reveals Reality) methods, from recruitment in transportation and many other real-world decision-making problems are widely used. Of elec Theoretical research on fundamentals is also at this time Active. Alternative: Very influential, Very low influence, low influence, Medium influence, high influence, very High influence. Assessment Option: Technical Lack of funding for research B1, low profitability B2, Incomplete recycling system B3, research and Lack of ability to develop B4. From the result it is seen that Ability to research and develop B4 Absence and obtained first grade, whereas Lack of funds for technological research B1 contains lowest rank. The value of the dataset for Automotive Parts in ELECTRE method shows that it results in Lack of ability to research and develop B4 and top ranking.

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