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An Application of PARETO Chart for Investigation of Defects in FNB Casting Process

Shailee G. Acharya, Manojkumar V. Sheladiya, Ghanshyam D. Acharya


Casting is one of the widely used manufacturing processes consisting of melting and pouring the metal into the mould to get the desired shape. Furan no-bake system is a binder system consisting of furan resin and acid catalyst. It is a fast growing system due to its excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Although having high dimensional accuracy, many defects arise in FNB casting such as sand inclusion, gas porosity, blowholes, cold run, slag, hard metal etc. The defects such as sand inclusions, gas porosity and hard metal contribute more than 50% of total defects. The major defect arising in FNB casting is sand inclusion defect. Pareto chart enables ordering and easy to understand analysis of gathered digital dates. This paper describes the identification of major defect sand inclusion in furan no-bake casting by application of modern and selected quality management tool, Pareto chart. The Pareto chart assists to check and determine defect priority related to furan no-bake castings.

Cite this Article Acharya Shailee G, Sheladiya Manojkumar V, Acharya Ghanshyam D. An Application of PARETO Chart for Investigation of Defects in FNB Casting Process. Journal of Experimental & Applied Mechanics. 2018; 9(1): 33–39p.


Defect, FNB, Pareto, sand inclusion

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