A Review on Aerodynamic Improvement of Vehicle

Shubhaseesh Srivastava


The effect of air flow surrounding a vehicle-on-vehicle performance and fuel efficiency is studied. The
project's major goal is to reduce pollution, global warming causes, and energy consumption by
lowering the drag coefficient of road vehicles and thereby improve fuel economy. Aerodynamics is the
study of the air flow inside and around the body. Because air is a thin fluid, fluid dynamics is also used
to describe it. Speed, mileage, and handling are all affected by airflow. As a result, studying the airflow
around and through the body is required in order to construct the optimum car. The automobile is one
of the most important modes of transportation. The boot space is insufficient to accommodate the bags.
People usually use the roof to store extra luggage as a result of this difficulty. When a person adds a
roof box to the top of a car, the weight of the vehicle increases, resulting in increased fuel consumption.


minimum stagnation area, skin friction, Low wake region, cancelling turbulence,streamline flow.


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