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A Review: Inspection of Objects Using Computer Vision

Ganesh Ankushrao Khose, Ganesh Sable



This paper is motivated mainly by the need for more efficient and advanced techniques in an inspection of an object because accurate and timely information is needed for any industries to improve their quality and increase the production of goods. The objective of this paper is to provide an inexpensive and comprehensive review of defect inspection techniques. Now a day’s new computer vision technologies and image processing technologies have been very important in the improvement and automation of manual processes in technical areas such as industries. In this paper, a system that can replace the currently deployed manual inspection procedure by using image processing techniques is studied. Digital image processing is used in many filed mainly for detection of faulty parts or missing parts. Inspection using digital image processing is the key factor behind the all industrial applications. The Review study mainly deals with analysis to find faulty object rather than a statistical approach. This review paper gives us the idea that manual inspection technique can be replaced with the proposed idea and hence productivity can be increased.

Keywords: Computer vision, image, Industry 4.0, object detection

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Ganesh A. Khose, Ganesh Sable. A Review: Inspection of Objects Using Computer Vision. Journal of Electronic Design Technology. 2019; 10(2): 1–5p.

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