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An Advance Model for Network Security System Using NIDS and HIDS

Vikas Singh, Amit Kumar Rajput


important role. As use of internet is increasing fear of losing the data is also increased. In this paper a mechanism to secure the data is discussed which is known as intrusion detection system (IDS). This system’s major task is to detect the abnormal activities or attacks done by intrusion over network or host. With the help of this security system, we can maintain the security of data over the network or hosts. Performance criteria in IDS are false positive and false negative where task is to identify that the alarm triggered is valid or not. Intrusion detection system has some prevention techniques also which is known as IDPS. In this paper, we used anomaly-based IDS and signature-based IDS separately then together and did the analysis and record is maintained timely for signature-based KFSensor is used as it is compatible for windows and it’s honeypot-based technology and for anomaly-based we used Snort, it also support windows. It is done to make IDS work as hybrid IDS. The result we got at last together is these both IDS are giving more effective result as compare to existing IDS.

Keywords: IDPS (intrusion detection and prevention system), hybrid IDS, KFSensor, Snort

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Vikas Singh, Amit Kumar Rajput. An Advance Model for Network Security System Using NIDS and HIDS. Journal of Electronic Design Technology. 2019; 10(3): 42–52p.

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