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An Energy Stored Quasi Z-Source Cascaded Multilevel Inverter

L. Pattathurani, Rajat Kumar Dwibedi


In the world today, there is a huge demand of power, although we have sufficient energy generation technique, renewable energy power generation plays a major role, like solar. This paper is about the control technique, which includes ES-QZSI combined with CMI and energy storage in order to get constant output power without fluctuation from the solar panel. Combines cascaded multilevel inverter and quasi Z-source inverter. Battery is used to balance the fluctuations of photovoltaic systems and achieve high voltage/high power. Solar power presents the intermittent and unscheduled characteristics, so energy storage is always added in PV system to get a smooth power. Energy stored QZSI (ES-QZSI) has already been proposed for PV system application. If combining the ES-QZSI with the CMI together, the ES-QZS-CMI based PV system will inherit all the merits of the energy storage and QZS-CMI based PV system. Moreover, comparing to the QZS-CMI based PV system, the new system can send the balanced power to the grid, and at the same time each module ensures separate MPPT to collect maximum solar power

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