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A Multiband Microstrip-fed Slot Antenna for ITS/WLAN/WiMAX & IEEE 802.11a Application

Arun Singh


A microstrip-fed slot antenna for multiband operation is proposed. The antenna is printed on silicon substrate with thickness of 1.6 mm and dielectric constant of 11.9. A simple 50Ω   microstrip line is used to excite the antenna. Small rectangular slots are fabricated on substrate to achieve multiband operation of 2.34–2.44, 3.73–3.77, 3.97–4.05, 4.59–4.79, 5.14–5.26, 5.49–5.57, 5.71–5.8 and 5.86–5.95 for lS1  1l ≤ −10dB. The designing has been done in IE3D software which is an EM solver and works on the principle of moments of method.

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