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Advanced Laser Technology for Curing Cancer Affected Melanoma-Cell

Shashank Bhatnagar, Vanchhit Khare, Akhil R. Pillai


In this paper we report the results about the study and experimental usage of a cancer curing laser equipment. Cancer can be detected using laser induced ultrasound .This device could scan a lymph node biopsy with laser pulses, whereby the pigment of melanin which is present in each and every cells reacts to the laser's beam, absorbing the light, and heating and cooling rapidly. This produces a popping sound that's detectable by special sensors. The combination of this powerful detection device with the normal laser curing mechanism used in cancer treatment creates flawless and effective cancer detection and cure system using this new method, pathologists could soon be able to examine an entire biopsy and identify the general area of the node that has cancer, and simultaneously cure it.


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