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A System of Smart Irrigation with Precise Pesticides and Fertilizers Integration in Waterflow

Harsh Mishra, Shiksha Dwivedi, Vatsalya Shukla, Diler Singh, Gaurav Singh


The paper extensively discusses the hardware components essential for the system, including the Arduino Uno microcontroller, soil moisture sensors, water pumps, and dispensers for fertilizers and pesticides. Key IoT components, such as an IoT module (e.g., ESP8266), facilitate data transmission and remote control via a dedicated mobile application. A pivotal aspect of this research is the development of the mobile application, which empowers users to monitor soil moisture levels, control irrigation remotely, and seamlessly manage the release of fertilizers and pesticides, either manually or through automated scheduling. The paper concludes by highlighting the necessity of comprehensive testing, calibration, and documentation, to ensure the system's reliability and
robustness in various agricultural settings. Furthermore, future work may involve integrating advanced data analytics for data driven decision-making, incorporating weather forecasting to optimize irrigation schedules, and addressing scalability for larger agricultural operations. In summary, & Smart Irrigation Using IoT with Soil Moisture Sensing and Fertilizer/Pesticide Integration represents a significant step forward in precision agriculture.
By optimizing resource allocation, conserving water, and enhancing crop health, the system contributes to the sustainable future of farming practices. The project's potential to evolve and adapt to the needs of modern agriculture highlights its significance in the field of agrotechnology and environmental sustainability.


Smart Irrigation, Arduino, Internet of things (IoT), Electronics

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