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Coordination between Pollution Control Boards and Recyclers of Northern India

Somvir Arya, Ajay Gupta, Arvind Bhardwaj


Today is the day of technology. As the technology is updating day-by-day, we becomes habitual of the use of technology. Major changes in technology come under electronic industry. Electronic industry is growing very fast. In India lot of foreign electronic companies are coming to set up their venture. They are manufacturing a number of products. The manufacturer of electronics products sell their products in our country but do nothing after product’s end of life as they are doing in developed countries. In developed countries a concept extended producer’s responsibility (EPR) was developed. The term EPR confirms the managing responsibility of the electronic products manufacturer after end of life of electronic products. E-waste refers to all the electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) which are not for their original use and they are thrown by their end used. Expanding usage of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products in govt. and private sectors leads to increase of e-waste. Assembly of electronics product is complex in nature as it contains thousands of parts. It contains both valuable and hazardous materials which need to be bifurcated to recover raw materials and the valuable metals. Some of the hazardous materials are lead, cadmium, barium, mercury etc. which have very adverse effect on human’s health and environment. Valuable metals are like gold, silver, etc. The valuable metals are in very less volume but as the value of these metals are high the electronic products needs to be recycled. In this paper we examine the role of the government approved collection centers and state boards along with their coordination in achieving e-waste management objectives.

Keywords: E-waste, electronic products, CPCB/SPCB, recyclers, EPR

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Somvir Arya, Ajay Gupta, Arvind Bhardwaj. Coordination between Pollution Control Boards and Recyclers of Northern India. Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits. 2018; 8(3): 27–33p.

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