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Design and Fabrication of Footstep Power Generator

Sharon Markus, Prashanth N.S., Ramanuja C.M., Hitesh K.



One of the major problems faced in today’s world is energy crisis. This paper puts forth the discussion about the design and fabrication of foot step power generator. The project shows possibility of generating power when people walk on the floor. It utilizes energy exerted in the form of pressure on to the floor to produce electricity. The idea deals with converting the self weight of a person to electrical power by using mechanical linkages. Thus the main motto of this research is to overcome the problem erupted by power crisis. In this project we use a simple rack and pinion assembly and chain drive mechanism to produce electricity of 2 volts per step. This may further increase if the pressure or force applied is more. It also has the capacity of producing 100 W on just 15–20 steps and thus if we install it in around 100 floors it may produce 1 Megawatt. The project opens doorway to innovative means of producing power.


Keywords: power crisis, electric power, floor, rack and pinion assembly, chain drive mechanism

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Markus S, Prashanth NS, Ramanuja CM, et al. Design and Fabrication of Footstep Power Generator. Journal of Energy, Environment & Carbon Credits. 2018; 8(1): 17–20p.

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