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Mathematical Model to Monitor the Transport of Bordetella Influenced by Heterogeneous Porosity in Homogeneous Gravel Depositions

Eluozo. S. N, Afiibor. B. B


The study monitors the transport process of Bordetella in grave depositions. The study expresses the rates of depositions under fluctuation of micronutrients in the litho structures where predominant grave formation was observed. Such conditions explain the simulation values as they predominantly fluctuate with heterogeneous concentrations in deltaic formation. The study has explained the heterogeneity of deposited porosity and observed that it could not pressurize the behaviour of Bordetella transport in predominant grave formation. The derived solutions were subjected to simulation where experimental values validated the predictive values as both parameters developed favourable fits. The study has shown the rate of pressure from macronutrients as it is expressed in both parameters; experts will definitely apply this concept to monitor the deposition of Bordetella transport in predominant gavel formations based on different observed behaviors in transport system in gravel depositions.

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