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Analysis and Design for Homogeneous Earth Slopes

Nasari vijay kumar, M. Madhusudhan Reddy, SS. Asadi, D.Satish Chandra, P.Guruswamy goud


In an aspect of geotechnical engineering problems, slope stability is a condition of inclined soil, waste heaps to withstand or undergo movement. The slope is an unprotected ground surface that can be situated at an angle of horizontal. Slopes are necessitated in the construction of railway embankments and highways, levees, bridges, earth dams, reservoirs and canals, etc., and are generally less expansive. Failures of natural and man-made slopes have demise and demolition. Analysis and stability slopes consist of determining and comparing the shear stress developed along the potential rupture surface with the shear strength of the soil. The awareness of surface drainage is a very important factor. Slope stability can be evaluating the groundwater, shear strength of the soil. For a secure slope factor of safety should not be less than 1. In recent times electronic computers made it feasible to the more easily repetitious mechanism and the use of OASYS GE software has simplified the analysis to a great extent. In this present study OASYS GE Slope software has been worn to analyze the homogeneous earth slopes for different cohesive strengths, and also we study the improvement of stability of slopes using geo membrane and we also consider the effect of groundwater table on the stability of slopes.


OASYS GE, Slope, Slip surface, Ground water table, Geo membrane, Black cotton soil.

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