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Estimation of Pile Deviation at Slope Using Finite Element Method

Hisyam Ahamad Hanafiah, Rini Abdullah


This paper presents results and discussion of the pile deviation, which occurred during slope construction at the Depot LRT Kampung Kuala Sungai Baru (KKSB) Ampang Line Extension Project. The piles at RW5 slope area deviated for almost 1 m from its original location which caused tremendous cost impact to mitigate and was time consuming. An investigation was carried out by referring to the Geotechnical Assessment Report and the simulation work was performed using Finite Element Method–PLAXIS. It was found that PLAXIS has successfully simulated the failure event and gained in-depth understanding of failure mechanism. From the case study, the spun piles were deviated due to improper construction methodology, water infiltration from the higher ground level, loss of overburden pressure from the nearby pile cap construction and additional machinery load from the top area which cause excessive lateral force to the RW5 slope area.


Pile deviation, slope stability, PLAXIS, finite element method

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