Electricity Distribution and Consumption Analysis of Bhubaneswar Urban Complex using GIS Technology

Abhijit Bhatta, Jajnaseni Rout, N.R. Das


Power is a critical infrastructure for economic development of any part of the world. Management of power production and distribution is essential for holistic economic growth. For effective implementation of various developmental programmes for agricultural, industrial and urban infrastructure growth, adequate power supply is essential. Shortage of power supply is one of the major factors of low production and slow growth rate. Odisha government has taken drastic measures to improve the performance of power sector which otherwise termed as power sector reforms. One of the programmes under power sector reforms is use of IT and high-tech methods for better and judicious power distribution in urban areas. Geo-informatics plays an important role in power distribution management, network operation and database development of electricity infrastructure and network. GIS based electricity distribution database management is widely used now days by various agencies in our country. In the present study, Geomatic technique has been used for mapping and analysis of power distribution system and consumption in Bhubaneswar urban area.
Keywords: Holistic, IT, Geo-informatics, GIS, Geomatic


Holistic, IT, Geo-informatics, GIS, Geomatic

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37591/joge.v1i2.3781


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