Dynamic Behavior of Coal Ash

Rajesh Pathak


Coal ash is deposited in large quantities in the ash pond. It is used as structural fill and for dyke construction. The behavior of ash under dynamic conditions is not well investigated. The present work attempts to quantify some of the parameters, which influences the dynamic stability especially liquefaction potential of coal ash. Several investigations conducted on coal ash suggest that ash fills have low SPT value. This supports the susceptibility of coal ash to liquefaction. Under steady-state vibrations induced into saturated ash mass and sand on shake table, the pore water pressure at different depths has been monitored for varying relative density, amplitudes and number of cycles of motion corresponding to liquefaction. The investigations suggest that liquefaction of coal ash is governed by relative density, amplitude and frequency of dynamic disturbance and gradation.


Keywords: Coal ash, Ghagger Sand, Vibration Table, Liquefaction, Frequency

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37591/joge.v1i2.4030


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