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Slope stability and factor of safety analysis on different region of soil by using geo studio slope/w software

Vishal Rathore, A.K. Sahu


The one of the main trouble in the industry of construction is on account of topography nature and the weather conditions is Slope stability . Excavations, hill roads, railway lines, embankments, earth dams, open-cut mines, reservoirs and coastal slope stability these type of applications can come under the consideration of slope engineering. One of the frequent disaster is Slope failure which can generate great loss in property and life. The project namely “Slope Stability and Factor of safety analysis” gives analysis of Four region soil (Himalaya, Jammu and Punjab and on DTU, Delhi) using Geo Studio Slope/w software. The analysis for stability of earth structures can be get from a general software tool Slope/W which is design and develop accordingly. The main essential thing that must be taking care of in the slope stability is in order to undergo the mountainous region project. The study is focus on slope stability analysis for Himachal Jammu and Punjab State and Delhi soil slope using Slope/w. Slope failure has become one of the most frequent geological disaster along the road network in the hilly terrain of Himalayan Jammu , Punjab and Delhi regions that lead to huge loss of life, property and above all the environment. The process of slope stability is very important to defence of the slopes from failure and minimize the likelihood of failure of slopes. By helping Geo Studio(Slope/w) software, the factor of safety and slope stability slope stability will be analyzed.

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