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Improvement in the Characteristic of Clayey Soil asnSubgrade Stabilized with Natural Fibre :A Review

Lino Alex, Abhishek, Annu Mohan, Divya Reghunath, Rejith S.


In geotechnical engineering, clayey soil is considered to be the most complicated deposits in the field of construction purposes. Due to its low bearing strength, shearing strength, high compressibility ,volume change and swell-shrink properties it becomes difficult to construct building and pavement structures which cause a great concern for engineers while designing. Construction of pavements should be done as it is strong and durable for their design life by overcoming causes of deterioration such as maintenance cost, traffic interruptions which creates inconvenience to public. The life of any pavements structures mainly depends on subgrade course provided. Several approaches has recently attempted to encounter the threat  present in the soil. Soil stabilization is a immense method for improving soil properties. In recent times, the demand of infrastructures and transportation sectors., soil stabilization has a dominate role, as it is economical and resource-saving method. This paper explains various studies on the current stabilization techniques with natural fibres like coir, jute, bamboo, and palm fibre for improving the engineering properties clayey soil.


Keywords: Clayey soil, Natural fibres, CBR and UCS, Optimum moisture content, Maximum dry density, swell and shrink properties.

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