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A Review on Trends in Ground Improvement Techniques

Siddarth Singh


Ground improvement is frequently known as an innovative technique of the amendment of soil in foundation to deliver better effectiveness under design and/or operational loading conditions at the several construction sites. Ground improvement changes soil characteristics there by allowing different types of construction procedures. An enhancement of soft ground deposits near the coastal areas, black and delta soil areas of the country has been the contest for infrastructural development. Rapid urban and industrial growth demands more land for further development. In order to meet this demand, reclamation and utilization of inappropriate and environmentally affected lands have been taken up. These inoperative lands for construction have been reformed to useful ones by accepting one or more ground improvement techniques. A wide range of techniques have been employed for the load settlement response of weak soil deposits. The field of ground improvement technique is rapidly expanding. It requires lots of investigation and monitoring some of the field problems related to compaction characteristics and feasibility of construction material. The present paper gives the overview and concept of recent major ground improvement techniques and discusses their practical applications.

Keywords: Compaction, monitoring, ground improvement, environmentally, construction


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Siddarth Singh. A Review on Trends in Ground Improvement Techniques. Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. 2018; 5(1): 18–22p.

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