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A Qualitative Investigation about Awareness of Occupational Health and Safety among Sawmill Workers in the City of Temples, Jammu

Johny Khajuria


The lightning growth of industries has become the major cause of health issues. Sawmill workers are not an exemption from being sufferers of various occupational diseases. The aim of this study is to investigate the awareness of sawmill workers with regard to their occupational health and felt requirements and issues towards use of protective gears. A qualitative study was conducted among thirty-eight sawmill workers. Majority of the workers were engaged in their work for 7–8 h/day. The majority of the participants (sawmill workers) were aware about PPEs but there were concerns over the expected and constant usage of them. It was also observed that none of the sawmill owners or sawmill workers followed the safety policies. Consumer friendly PPEs were not available for the sawmill workers.

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