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Analysis of Vibrational Induced Structure Considering Rail and Seismic Load Using ETABS

Bhumika Chandekar, Ayushi Kapse


In the past, buildings next to railroad tracks were not taken into account when designing them, which resulted in catastrophic damage to the buildings as well as fatalities. For these structures to be designed safely, the vibrational loading must diminish. This study's case study is the Rani Kamlapati railway station in Bhopal, which was renovated by the Bansal Group and is the nation's first private railroad station. They suggested building a business complex and other structures close to the train station. Numerous practical and theoretical methods have been put forth for the prediction of vibrations caused by trains. A 3D finite element analysis was used to represent train movement and its impact on the nearby building in order to analyses the vibration near the railway in Bhopal. The operating measurements of the high-speed train served to validate the numerical model. In the experimental study, two examples are compared: one involves a structure next to a railway track that experiences vibration, and the other involves a typical construction. Extended three dimensional analysis of building systems is known as etabs. Every step of the engineering design process is integrated by etabs. In the current state of the building business, the built structures are observed and generally demonstrate significance positivity. These structures are referred to as members such beams and columns in multi-story R.C. structures. High-rise buildings, steel structures, and concrete structures are the principal uses of this programme. The goal of the study is to analyse a high-rise structure with 19 floors (G+18) while taking seismic, dead, and live loads into account. Strength, serviceability, and stability are the design characteristics for high-rise structures. ETABS 2016 is the name of the software version utilized. In order to compare the results for the two scenarios, comparison parameters included determining the effects of lateral loads on moments, shear force, base shear and maximum displacement on structural systems

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