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ICT Application in Libraries: E-learning and Virtual Learning Methods-online Courses

N. Viruthambigai, L. N. Umadevi, V. Rangasamy


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, libraries have embraced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications to revolutionize traditional learning paradigms. This abstract explores the integration of ICT in libraries, particularly focusing on e-learning and virtual learning methods, notably online courses. Through the deployment of digital resources, e-books, and online databases, libraries have transcended physical limitations to offer dynamic educational opportunities. Applications of ICT (information and communication technology) have revolutionized libraries by making a variety of e-learning and virtual learning approaches possible, such as online courses. Digital resources such as e-books, online databases, and virtual learning platforms are increasingly available in libraries, giving users access to instructional content. By providing online courses, libraries allow people to advance their knowledge and skills from any location, providing a flexible and easy way to learn. The shift to digital platforms has increased the impact of libraries and improved educational access for a greater number of people. The emergence of virtual learning platforms has facilitated remote access to diverse learning materials, fostering convenient and flexible knowledge acquisition. This abstract shed light on the transformative impact of ICT on libraries, demonstrating how it has democratized education and empowered learners of all backgrounds.

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