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Computer Vision Controlled Robotic ARM

Shubham Shukla, Shipra Varshney, Ananya Agrawal, Suyash Kumar Mishra, Abdul Makdoom


By combining sophisticated robotics and visual awareness, computer vision operated robotic arms have revolutionized technology. These devices are having a profound effect on a number of industries, from manufacturing processes to healthcare. Computer vision controlled robotic arms are altering the game with their ability to see, comprehend, and interact with their surroundings. In this study we have tried to develop and implement software and hardwares to improve the freedom of movement in a robotic arm which will have a similar look to hand gesture. In the modern world, robotic arms are becoming essential, with uses in a wide range of sectors including the military, defense, healthcare, and industrial automation. These amazing devices can replicate the movements and hand gestures of a human, which makes them incredibly useful in a variety of scenarios. The most innovative automation technology available now is robotic systems. Initially, robots were employed on manufacturing floors in the 1960s and early 1970s.Evaluating the precision of system was done by sort of methods such as sorting, kinematic modelling, and centre recognition which elevate the movements of robotic arms. More innovation if performed to elevate the free movement of robotic arm can enhance it's applications at defence and industrial level.

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