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A Study on Chatter Marks in Crankshaft Pin Grinding Process Using Taguchi Technique

Roopa K. Rao, Satyanarayan Vernekar, A.S. Deshpande, Ganesh R. Chate


Crankshaft pin grinding is a vital machining process in automotive industry. It is a finishing operation to the crankshaft of the engine, which if neglected could lead to a significant cost to the manufacturer of warranty claims. The study aims at identifying significant process parameters that are influencing the chatter marks and also setting the process parameters of the machine to get a good quality product. Chatter marks are the important output responses with respect to quality. The experiments are conducted on CNC cylindrical grinding machine. The Taguchi technique L27 orthogonal array is used for experimentation. Input machining variables namely, work speed, cutting speed, feed rate, dressing feed rate and dressing depth of cut are considered. Empirical models are developed using the design of experiments and the optimized results are obtained for chatter marks in crankshaft pin grinding process. Optimized grinding parameters from the developed models improve the quality of the ground crankshaft pins and lower production costs through minimizing trial and error times and reduced scrap of the crankshaft pins.

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Rao Roopa K, Satyanarayan Vernekar,
Deshpande AS et al. A Study on Chatter
Marks in Crankshaft Pin Grinding Process
Using Taguchi Technique. Journal of
Mechatronics and Automation. 2018; 5(1):


Crankshaft pins, chatter marks, L27 orthogonal array, Taguchi technique, quality

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