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Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Automatic Dual-axis Sun Tracking System using LDR Sensors

Harishchandra Thakur, Surya Vikram Singh, Puneet Kumar, Shobhit Singh Verma, Mukesh Kumar


Solar energy is experiencing exponential growth as a viable technique of increasing renewable energy resources. Engineers need to be versed with the innovation used in this domain.Since the solar array can remain oriented to the sun, solar tracking enables considerably increased power generation. A dual-axis solar tracker can track the Sun's radiation on both horizontal and
vertical axes at the same time. They work on the same concept as astronomical telescope mountings. The system tracks seasonal fluctuations and daily tilt to maximize efficiency. The project focuses on the design and fabrication of an automatic dual-axis solar tracker prototype that runs on Arduino code and uses LDR sensors. The technology can imitate the sun tracking for a year in just a few minutes, allowing the tracking system to be automated. The adoption of a solar
distributed generation system could benefit people in underdeveloped countries. A scaled-down dual-axis solar tracker is designed, manufactured, and tested to create a solar distributed generating system with high efficiency. To validate the design, a functioning system will be exhibited.


Solar tracker; LDR; Microcontroller; Geared DC motor; Power gain

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