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Border Security Robot Vehicle with YOLO V4

Ashish Dewangan, Ankit Singh Chauhan, Abhinav Sahrawat, Aditya Kumar Singh, Abhishek Gautam


The objective of this project is to design and manufacture a prototype of Border
security surveillance UGV with YOLO V4 algorithm. This versatile robot vehicle use a remote camera method to track active persons, burning, hazardous chemicals, metals, and obstructions in remote regions and transmit data to a central location. To offer instant reaction from sensors, the suggested system employs YOLOV4 and machine intelligence. While the robot is functioning, the
vehicle is outfitted with sensors that may inform the user if an intruder enters the range and use intelligence system for further action. The car operates in a user-controllable mode in which all sensors, such as metal detectors, smoke detector, and ultrasonic sensors, are set to perform automatic actions and a gun surmounted on it. Using an RF module, the individual is able to handle the robot vehicle and relay information to it.User could watch the surroundings using the built-in camera and can give directions to change the path accordingly and can shoot the object the feel suspicious.


Surveillance; UGV; YOLO V4; Sensors; RF module; Metal detector; Ultrasonic sensor.

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