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Advancement and Experimental Investigation of Voice Coil Actuator utilizing Flexural Bearing

Shrishail B Sollpaur, M.S. Patil, S.P. Deshmukh


Flexural components are very ideal over regular inflexible body systems where exceptionally exact and exact movement is vital in the scope of microns. To accomplish spotless and exact movement, we propose another outline of voice loop actuator. Fitting loop and magnet is chosen viewing the most extreme power as connected. Computer aided design demonstrate is readied and limited component examination (FEA) is done to decide the solidness. Voice coil engine (VCM) parts are made and amassed. This VCM is incorporated with dSPACE DS1104 Research and development controller to give wanted abundance and recurrence of movement through straight momentum speaker (LCAM). The uprooting of yield shaft of VCM is detected by straight factor differential transformer (LVDT) which gives change in yield voltage comparing to the dislodging of yield shaft. The power diversion attributes are noted down for FEA and also trial system and firmness in both the cases is resolved. It is watched that there is close understanding amongst FEA and experimental outcomes.


LCAM; LVDT; Voice coil Motor; FEA

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