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Design of a Real-Time Temperature Monitoring System using PIC to PIC SPI Communication with Multiple Displays and Wireless GUI Control

Shensheng Tang, Monali Sinare, Yi Zheng



This paper proposes a real-time temperature monitoring system using PIC to PIC communication with SPI protocol that can read, process and display the sensed data. The system has three modules, a Sensor (Slave) module, a Master module and a computer-based GUI module. The GUI provides control operations and communicates with the Master module over Bluetooth to send control commands and receive data. The Master module takes control commands from the GUI and communicates with the Sensor module over the SPI interface. An SPI serial communication protocol is developed for the communications between the Sensor and Master modules. The Sensor module reads temperature data from its sensor and transfers the data to the Master module as requested. The originally sensed data and processed data can be displayed on the LCDs of Sensor module and Master module as well as the GUI control panel to form multiple displays. The proposed system has been successfully implemented on a prototype board with the application programs developed using C and C# programming. The work of hardware and software co-design can be a good paradigm of engineering education in microcontrollers for college students. The design and implementation method can be extended to various applications like industrial monitoring, physical progress monitoring, healthcare monitoring, and general data acquisition and processing systems.

Keywords: PIC to PIC Communication, Sensor (Slave) module, Master module, GUI, SPI, BlueTooth.

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Shensheng Tang, Monali Sinare, Yi Zheng. Design of a Real-Time Temperature Monitoring System using PIC to PIC SPI Communication with Multiple Displays and Wireless GUI Control. Journal of Microcontroller Engineering and Applications. 2020; 7(2): 6–24p.


PIC (Programmable Intelligent Computer), Sensor (Slave) module, Master module, GUI (Graphical User Interface), SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)

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