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IoT based Automated Car Parking System

Shrey Mishra, Prof Sandeep Sharma, Sumit Kishore, Ankit Kumar Nandi, Nitin Govil



This work is focussed on solving one of the major issues that modern metropolitan cities facing now i.e. “How to maximise the utility of space for car parking”? Since the world is getting automatic day by day, this project is a small leap towards automated space management system. In this project we incorporated micro controller along with couple of type of sensors to detect incoming and outgoing of cars along with that specifying vacant parking spots at the parking lots. The input from the sensors helped us to automate the operations of car parking. These operations include opening and closing of entry gates when a car is detected by sensors (prototype built).

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Sensors, Automation and Micro-controller

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Sandeep Sharma, Ankit Kumar Nandi, Shrey Mishra, Nitin Govil, Sumit Kishore. IoT based Automated Car Parking System. Journal of Microcontroller Engineering and Applications. 2020; 7(2): 25–29p.

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