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Soldiers Security System using Arduino

Sonali Balaso Phadatare, Supriya Prakash Shinde, Pradnya Pravin Sargar, Sadashiv R. Badiger



In today’s era enemy’s warfare is imp factor in our nation’s security, and soldiers play a vital role in it. Soldiers is one of the most imp aspects of any country, they have a responsibility of whole nation so the security of soldiers is considered as an most imp role. It’s our duty to equip soldiers with better advanced technology. There are many concerns regarding the safety of soldier and for that our defense department is always alert and be ready for every situation also they always prefer an effective advance technology for the security of soldiers. For security of soldiers need to know the all status of soldiers likewise, health parameter of soldiers, their current real time location and also able to communicate with control room. So, in this paper we are come up with compact and advanced security system which will be useful for soldiers who involves in mission or in special operation. This system helps to track soldiers at any given movement and also real time tracking of soldiers is possible by GPS module, soldiers health parameter such as body temperature and heartbeat rate can be able to monitor by using smart biological sensors which are mounted on their body, to share whole status of soldiers to the control room GSM is used which is also enables the communication with control room in case of injuries. Its helps to minimize the time, search and rescue operation effort of army control unit.

Keywords: Arduino, Temperature sensor, Pulse sensor, SIM808 Module

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Supriya Prakash Shinde, Pradnya Pravin Sargar, Sonali Balaso Phadatare, Sadashiv R. Badiger. Soldiers Security System using Arduino. Journal of Microcontroller Engineering and Applications. 2020; 7(2): 35–40p.

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