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Design Overview of Automatic Fire Control System Based On ATmega16 Microcontroller

Rilwanu Bello, Musa Momoh


In order to use the modern technology to reduce the danger of human life and property caused by fire, this paper overviewed the design of an automatic fire detection and control system based on ATMEGA16, which can transform data between the fire sensors and water sprinkler. This system consists of two sensors, microcontroller, buzzer and controlled firefighting equipment (pump/sprinkler). The system has an additional feature of sending signal to a pump/sprinkler through a relay. LM 35 IC has been used as temperature sensor while MQ-2 gas sensor has been used as smoke sensor. All sensors are connected to the microcontroller through an input/output port. The controlling software for the whole system was designed in C programming language. The popular high performance, low power 8-bit microcontroller from the AVR family microcontrollers was used. The system was finally tested by introducing fire parameters (smoke and temperature) close to the detectors. When the parameters go above the set level in the detectors, audio alarm, LED indicator and pump/sprinkler were activated.



Smoke sensor, temperature sensor, ATMEGA16, automatic fire Control

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