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Coded Communication Device with Hamming Code

Vyas Savan D., Vora Vishal S., Shah Mansi D.


The field of invention is VLSI. In this invention, the authors have brought into light a coded communication device which increases the security level of the system. The tools like VHDL programming language that is VHSIC hardware description language and hamming code contributed to form the foundation of the invention. In this the authors have used transducer at input terminal whose output is given to encrypter. Similarly, at the receiver side there is decrypter followed by transducer. The final output is taken from transducer. The key part of invention is that it has an encrypter which is specially designed for encryption and at receiver it uses hamming code for coding. Thus, security level can be increased.



Coded communication device, hamming code, VHDL programming language

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