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Health Monitoring for COVID-19 Similar Disease Using Wearable Device

Shubham Bobade, Dr. Omprakash Rajankar


Due to the massive spike in uncertainties triggered by the COVID-19 disease, many countries strategies to reduce the spread by contact tracing. Currently governments around the world battling against pandemic and digital tools are implemented to augment and accelerate contact tracing. Indian government authorities are heavily depending on Aarogya setu App to detect potentially infected population, but second waves showed us that this system is not full proof. Also, there is no evidence that any smart phone technology is accurate to pinpoint symptoms of viral infections for clinical use. Furthermore, the scientific basis of such technologies is questionable and we don’t have instrument to monitor the long term health impact of COVID disease. There is a necessity to build a precise and very cost effective health monitoring system, the solution could be the A compact size wrist wearable device with real time connectivity to Aarogya Setu App which will detect the symptoms by measuring pre-set parameters and provide accurate health information and help monitor health impact of COVID disease. The parameters include body temperature, Blood oxygen level and Pulse rate measurements. In results, it can be concluded that this system will immensely helpful to authorities in public health management as well as monitor health impact of COVID disease in patients with minimum hardware and cost efficient system. The system designed in this work has a potential for smart healthcare applications that can be used to control viral infections having symptoms similar to COVID-19.


COVID, pandemic, wearable device, force myography, fsr sensor

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