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An Internet of Things Waste Collection System

P. Elechi, Sunny Orike, Ukamaka Celestina Kalu-Ota


Waste littering has been the most problem in some beautiful cities today. However, the waste management agencies' poor management of waste made some cities unattractive, such as cities like Aba in Nigeria and the current state of Port Harcourt city. The automatic waste collector system is a smart waste system to manage and control the littering of waste all over the environment. The automatic waste control system automatically opens and closes itself whenever waste is sensed. The major problem with the waste management system in Port Harcourt is that the city has not introduced an automatic waste collector system. This causes the waste to overflow before the team comes in to evacuate it. However, the internet of things (IoT) method is used in controlling the automatic waste system. These techniques help in controlling the behaviour of the waste system and can detect the waste from 30 cm away, the time of opening and the time of closing the waste system. IoT also helps in notifying the waste team about the level of the waste collector systems at different locations. The results from this research work show the percentage level filling of the automatic waste collector system at different locations. It also showed that some of the waste systems got filled up to 100% on the fifth day, while those at 70% or less on the fifth day were based on the traffic or number of people living within that location.


IoT, Waste collection, Microcontroller

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