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Automatic Time Scheduler/College Bell System

Mabu Sarif B, Nagatimmaiah P, Jhansy Byreddy, Manasa J, Shaik Noor-E-Afzal J, Raviteja M, Sreekanth V



The world over the decades has made considerable advancement in automation; automation is employed in every sector whether it is home or industry. Here, a new and inexpensive design is being presented. This design project finds application in educational institutions at all levels that have multiple sessions of teaching and prerequisite breaks for the students. The benefit of the design is that the bell trinkets at the beginning of each period without any person interference to a large degree of precision and hence takes over the physical task of switching on/off the bell with reverence to time. It uses real-time clock (DS1307) that tracks the real time. The programmed time outcome is compared with that of a clock. The MCS-51 family microcontroller 8051 is used as a decision maker. The scheduled time intervals are input through a keypad and stored in memory. When the scheduled time equals the clock time, the bell is turned on through relay. The on time of the bell can be modified as per the requirement.

Keywords: Automation, break period, keypad, microcontroller AT89S52, time selecting unit

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B. Mabu Sarif, P. Nagatimmaiah, Byreddy Jhansy et al. Automatic time scheduler/college bell system. Journal of Microcontroller Engineering and Applications. 2018; 5(2): 10–15p.


Automation, microcontroller AT89S52, time selecting unit, break period, keypad.

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