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Design and Implementation of Low Power and High Speed 10T SRAM with High SNM

Anusha Achhina, K Joseph Thanusha, Deepya Yennamaneni


The project introduces a low standby power 10T (LP10T) SRAM cell that focuses on achieving high read stability and write-ability while minimizing power consumption. The LP10T SRAM cell utilizes a strong cross-coupled structure that combines a standard inverter with a stacked transistor and a Schmitt-trigger inverter with a double-length pull-up transistor. One of the key advantages of the LP10T SRAM cell is that it separates the read path from the true internal storage nodes, effectively eliminating read-disturbance issues. This separation ensures that the read operation does not interfere with the stored data. In terms of write operation, the LP10T SRAM cell employs a pseudo-differential approach using a write bitline and control signal, supplemented by a write-assist technique. This configuration enhances the write-ability of the cell.To evaluate the performzance of the proposed LP10T SRAM cell, it is compared with several state-of-the-art SRAM cells using the Mentor Graphics tool in a 16-nm CMOS predictive technology model. The evaluation is conducted under harsh manufacturing process conditions, including variations in voltage and temperature, with a supply voltage of 0.8 V. The LP10T SRAM cell demonstrates favorable performance metrics compared to the other SRAM cells. It achieves the third-best read dynamic power and the second-best write dynamic power, with power reductions of 29.69% and 26.87%, respectively, when compared to the conventional 6T SRAM cell. Furthermore, the LP10T SRAM cell minimizes leakage power consumption through its design. It exhibits a leakage power reduction of 37.35% compared to the 6T SRAM cell and a 12.08% reduction compared to the best-studied cells. Overall, the proposed LP10T SRAM cell offers improved read stability and write-ability while significantly reducing power consumption, making it a promising choice for low-power and high-performance SRAM applications.


Random Access Memory, Write Word Lines, Static Noise Margins, Bit-interleaving, Error Correction Code

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