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Analysis and Design of Coaxial Fed Microstrip Antenna on Multilayer substrate at Terahertz Frequency

Aakash Bansal


The paper presents the performance of an antenna on a three-layered substrate material analyzed to enhance the electrical parameters such as bandwidth and gain of a microstrip antenna. A regular rectangular microstrip antenna design has been updated to a planar parabolic horn design for improving bandwidth to up to 30 times provided by a rectangular patch. The design has been simulated at 0.6 THz resonant frequency using Keysight’s ADS (Advanced Design Suite).

Keywords: Microstrip antenna, terahertz frequency, multi-layer substrate

Dushyant Kumar Shukla, Tarun Kumar Rawat, Munish Vashishtha. Noise Analysis of Single-Ended Input Differential Amplifier (MOS) using Stochastic Differential Equation. Journal of Microwave Engineering & Technologies. 2017; 4(3): 11–14p.

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