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A Review of Home Automation Technology Installation with the help of Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things

Utsav Painuli, Gargi Mishra, Anuj Aggarwal, Atif Irfan, Vineet Sharma



Home Automation is creating a system of electronic devices that are able to work together to create a system that gives someone total control over all the electronic devices in their house from anywhere. IOT (Internet of Things) is a network of devices that are connected to the internet are able to hold and accept information with each other. The IOT consists of multiple devices, interfacing with a microcontroller to process an instruction or input and produce an output. Microcontrollers compact computers with built in processing units and other computing components like a Random Access Memory (RAM), input/output ports, etc. So, it is able to perform the same functions as a computer for smaller devices that might need a computer, while being lower in cost, size and power consumption compared to a normal computer. In this project we are using a raspberry pi as a microcontroller. The aim in this project is to be able to create a system of home automation which is able to help the devices do smarter and more energy efficient decisions, like automatic switching on and off and diming of lights. It will also create a security system which the help of IR sensors to make the home a more secure place.

Keywords: IOT, Home Automation, Raspberry Pi

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Gargi Mishra, Utsav Painuli, Anuj Aggarwal, Atif Irfan, Vineet Sharma. A Review of Home Automation Technology Installation with the help of Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things. Journal of Microwave Engineering & Technologies. 2020; 7(2): 16–20p.

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