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Textile Antenna with Partial Ground for Multiband Applications

Rahul Saini, Vinod Kumar Singh


In this article, the dominant textile antenna is presented. The proposed antenna has various applications like satellite communication, military and medical applications. The proposed antenna gives dual frequency bands with bandwidth from 8.96 to 14.456 GHz with 46.73% and second band from 14.98 to 17.46 GHz with 15.289. The intended textile antenna is applicable for wireless communication systems as it has wide dual bandwidth and high directivity of 6.379 dBi.

Keywords: Jeans, copper tape, return loss, CST

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Rahul Saini, Vinod Kumar Singh. Textile Antenna with Partial Ground for Multiband Applications. Journal of Microwave Engineering & Technologies. 2017; 4(3): 15–18p.

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