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Performance Analysis of Proximity Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna with DGS and EBG

Deepti Chahar, Meenakshi Yadav, Sakshi Chaudhary


The objective of this paper is to analyze the effect of Defected Ground Structure (DGS) in a Proximity Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna (PCMA) and the effectiveness of using this structure in a PCMA with an Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure (EBG). The EBG structure used is a metallo-dielectric structure having a printed metallization with connected via ground plane. This manoeuvering of EBG enabled PCMA with a dumbbell shaped DGS results in a triple band operation at the frequencies used for satellite applications


Electromagnetic bandgap, multi-banding, Dumbbell Defected Ground Structure, patch antenna, proximity coupled, microstrip antenna

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