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A Novel Antenna Design based on a Single UC-PBG Layer of High Gain for Wireless Power Transfer

Yaser Amer Jassim, Mesut Çevik


In this study, a brand-new, highly effective antenna design is put forth to provide a directional radiation pattern with a small beam width for wireless power transfer. The proposed antenna is constructed from a cross-shaped patch of square holes. A favorable eclipse is paired with the antenna patch to provide circular polarization-symmetrical radiation. A symmetrical quadrature stare-shaped unit cell has a uniform compact photonic bandgap layer (UC-PBG) on top of which is the antenna structure. As a result, a 55 configuration array is used to configure the proposed UC-PBG layer. 20mm separates the antenna from the antenna patch. The antenna has a realized gain of 30dBi and is intended to operate at 2.5GHz. For the frequency range between 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz, it is discovered that the antenna has outstanding matching impedance (S11), reception below -21dB, and an axial ratio (AR) less than 3dB. A numerical parametric analysis based on a commercial software program of CST MWS simulation with finite integral technique is used to optimize the dimensions of the antenna design. An additional software program for HFSS simulation employing finite element technique procedures is used to reevaluate the antenna performance for validation. Finally, it is discovered that the outcomes from both software packages are highly congruent.


Directive antenna, wireless power transfer, high gain antenna, microstrip antenna.

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