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Design and Analysis of A Terahertz Microstrip Antenna

Arpita Santra, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Rajiv Kumar Mahato, Mayukhi Sur, Lopa Nath, Manish Saha


Terahertz radiation is in the electromagnetic spectrum. Terahertz radiation is used for a variety of purposes since it is non-ionizing and may move in a straight line. It has some similarities with microwaves, in that terahertz radiation can penetrate non-conducting materials, but it shows less depth of penetration than microwaves. Compared to millimeter waves the capacity of Terahertz waves is large enough and possesses high data transmission rates. Terahertz radiation can replace X-rays, which is why it is very important in medical applications nowadays, and many researchers are working on it. Our present work is on the study of a terahertz microstrip antenna using HFSS software. The second antenna configuration, which acquired a wide bandwidth bigger than 230 GHz and an acceptable return loss of 83.73 dB, had the best attributes. Radiation effectiveness and amplification were both 9.19 dB and 90.84%, respectively. The finite integration technique-based simulations were carried out using the commercial CST Microwave Studio simulator.


Microstrip, THF, Radio Communication,

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