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A Technical Review on Evaluation of Vegetable Oil in Water-Emulsion Cutting Fluid in Machining Steel with Coated Carbide Tool

Kunj Patel, Vikas Ramoliya, Bhaumik Prajapati, Akash Shukla


In metal cutting industries, Metal working fluids (MWFs) or Metal cutting fluids (MCFs) are used; they act as coolant as well as lubricant. In industries synthetic and petroleum based cutting fluid as well as coolant produce negative effect on human health, ecology and environment. When tool and work piece are engaged with each other while machining due to engagement they produce heat. The metal cutting fluids effect on heat generation and maintain temperature. Every machining process having tool wear is a natural phenomenon and it leads to tool failure. Metal cutting fluids effect on tool wear, surface roughness, temperature, etc. This technical review paper deals with the studying effect of vegetable oil instead of petroleum based cutting fluids on machining of steel. This review paper helps in understanding various parameters that are affected while using vegetable oil as cutting fluids. The results of the various researches in same field have been analysed and studied.

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Kunj Patel, Vikas Ramoliya, Bhaumik Prajapati, et al. A Technical review on evaluation of vegetable oil in water-emulsion cutting fluid in machining steel with coated carbide tool. Journal of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering. 2017; 7(3):  26–34p. 


Surface roughness, tool wear, minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), metal cutting fluids, vegetable oil based cutting fluid

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