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An Experimental Study on the Effect of Tensile Properties and Hardness of AA6082-T6 under the Heat Treatment Conditions

Praveen Kumar, Satpal Sharma



In the present study, the experiments were performed to investigate the effect of heat treatment parameters viz. soaking time and temperature on the tensile properties and hardness of Aluminium alloy (AA) 6082-T6 sheet. The sheet was heat treated and cut the standard tensile specimen ASTM E8M-04tofind out the tensile properties and hardness value at different temperature with respect to different soaking time. Air circulation oven type electric furnace was used for the heat treatment purpose. Samples of AA6082-T6 sheet were heat treated at various temperatures in the range of 400, 480,520 and 550°C for 2 and 3 hat soaking time. During tensile test of nonheat treated AA6082-T6 samples at different orientation angle 0°,45°,90° with respect to rolling direction of sheet, it was found that the elongation value and tensile strength has been increased w.r.t.0° and 90°, but yield strength value has decreased at 45° and 90° in the comparison of0°.In the result, the heat treatment of aluminum alloy AA6082-T6 under the different temperature and soaking time causes the change in grain structure and grain size. The tensile strength, yield strength and hardness values has been increased, but the elongation value has been slightly decreased on increasing the temperature from 400°C to 550°C at the soaking time 2 and 3 h.


Keywords: AA 6082-T6 sheet, Electric furnace, Hardness, Laser cut machine, Universal testing machine  

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Praveen Kumar, Satpal Sharma. An experimental study on the effect of tensile properties and hardness of AA6082-T6 under the heat treatment conditions. Journal of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. 2018; 8(3): 36–41p.


AA 6082-T6 sheet, Electric furnace, Hardness, Laser cut machine, Universal testing machine

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