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Parametric Optimization of MRR in Manual Air Plasma Arc Cutting of AISI 1017 MS using Design of Experiment

Pratishtha sharma, C. S. Malvi


In previous fifty years there has been remarkable research in machining and development in technology. Now a days with rise in competition in the market and to achieve high accuracy; the nonconventional machining has become more important in any industry. One of the most important unconventional machining processes is plasma arc cutting (PAC). Its high accuracy, finishing, ability of machining very hard materials makes it more demanding in the market. In order to achieve target and optimum values, design of experiment (DOE) method is employed. The suitable orthogonal array is selected as per number of factors and their levels to carry out minimum experimentation. The work pieces of AISI 1017 mild steel materials were used for experiment purposes. The optimum value has been obtained by using main effect plots and ANOVA table. The Regression equation for MRRis developed with the help of MINITAB 17 software. The confirmation for MRR was done by using the input parameter setting of 20 bar (gas pressure), 35 A (cutting current) and 240 mm/min (cutting speed). Experimental results are provided to confirm the model of this approach. After the confirmation, the MRR value was 95.577 mm3/sec. Error within 10% may be acceptable.



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